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Medicines For Ukraine

Our mission is to provide and speed up the humanitarian relief programme in Ukraine

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What we do

Ukrainian hospitals are in extreme need of medical materials and we want to support them. Specifically, this means that Timo Krammig, Steven Tereshchenko-Schuster, Dr. Lena Melzer, Dr. Jochen Franz and Dr. Thomas Draxler are helping the project. They have a direct contact to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. They coordinate with them the medical supply needs which are sent to German pharmacists. No markups are applied by pharmacies and the distributor. The money is used 100% for pharmaceuticals and medical devices. We are collecting for this project and are asking you for your support. Please donate and share this, so that many people in the Ukraine can be helped very quickly. Time is most precious now. We thank you all.


Priority needs

​Sorted by priority:

  1. First Aid Trauma Kits

  2. Hemostatic tourniquets (Combat Application Tourniquet, CAT)

  3. Hemostatic agents, such as Celox, Hemcon bandages, and other

  4. Combat Gauze Hemostatic

  5. Nasopharyngeal airways and surgical lubricants

  6. Supraglottic airways

  7. Emergency Cricothyrotomy Kit

  8. Ambulance bags

  9. Portable ventilator for artificial ventilation (automated AMBU bags)

  10. Asherman chest seal, Bolin chest seal or Hyfin chest seal, or Halo Chest Seal High Performance Occlusive Dressing as an occlusive dressing for sucking chest wounds

  11. Blizzard Survival Blankets

  12. Urinary catheters

  13. Colostomy bags

  14. 14-gauge catheter, at least 3.25 inches long, for needle chest decompression.

  15. Kits or needles (injectors) for intraosseous infusion

  16. Splinting and Immobilization: SAM Splint (a flexible, reusable splint with a metal core covered in closed cell foam), Ace Bandages, Extrication Collar - Cervical (neck region) spine immobilization, Coban (a stretchy, self-clinging wrap/gauze)

  17. Central venous catheter kits

  18. 18-, 16-, and 14-gauge IV catheters

  19. IV infusion systems

  20. Epi-pen, epinephrine in an auto injecting ‘pen’

  21. Sterile dressing material (gauze, bandages)

  22. Absorbent compress dressings

  23. Anti-burn bandages

  24. Sterile disposable surgical gowns and coatings

  25. Electrocoagulation systems

  26. VAC systems (ex. ACTIV.A.C.™)

  27. Syringe pumps

  28. Surgical instruments

  29. Surgical suture material

  30. Systemic hemostatic drugs (as tranexamic acid)

  31. Topical hemostatic agents (sponges, wipes) and drugs

  32. BurnAid Burn Gel and burn dressing

  33. Hydrocolloid wound dressing

  34. Antiseptics (i.e., chlorhexidine etc.), including oral antiseptics (pastilles, sprays for sore throat) and ointments.

  35. Analgesics (i.e., paracetamol, metamizole sodium, etc.)

  36. NSAIDs (i.e., meloxicam, injections of ketoprofen and ketorolac, diclofenac, ibuprofen etc.)

  37. General anesthetics

  38. Local anesthetics (lidocaine 2% amp., etc.)

  39. Broad-spectrum antibiotics

  40. Antiemetics

  41. Antidiarrheals

  42. Tetanus antitoxin

  43. Anti Gas-Gangrene Serum

  44. Eye drops with antibiotics (clindamycin, tobramycin etc.)

  45. Decongestants

  46. Epinephrine, Atropine sulfate, Pralidoxime, Dopamine, Naloxone

  47. Anxiolytics, antidepressants

  48. Antihypertensive drugs

  49. Insulin drugs and peroral hypoglycemic agents

  50. Anticoagulants


  1. Knee pads, elbow pads

  2. Tactical backpacks

You can make a donation or, even better – you can purchase required items yourself and ship it to our central storage location in Frankfurt or other locations in country hubs. Please contact our team and we'll connect you with our country hub representative. 

Country hubs:

- Germany

- Belgium

- Poland

- Czech Republic

- United States

- Ukraine



Please contact us and we'll connect you with one of our country representatives for further logistics


Tel: +1 (908) 340 64 78


Bank details

Non-Charity (for small private transfers)

Charity account

Name: Steven Tereshchenko-Schuster

Bank name: Targobank

IBAN: DE45 3002 0900 5330 6522 10

Address: Bettinastraße 65, 63067 Offenbach

Purpose: Ukraine help

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